Morgens Industries completely relieves organizations in manufacturing and fulfillment logistics to optimize their operational good flows and create a true continuous improvement organization.
The development and implementation of true Lean and smart processes as well as deployment of continuous improvement organizations.
There is no challenge too big or small that we can’t help you organize, improve and innovate. Read more about our achievements.

Morgens Industries

Create future proof manufacturing and fulfillment operations. Together.

Welcome to Morgens Industries. We support our clients in manufacturing and fulfillment logistics becoming future proof and resilient in today’s changing market environments. How? At the work floor with the people we organize, improve and innovate operations and develop true autonomy in day-to-day problem solving.


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Change implementation

We help our clients to successfully deal with the inevitable uncertainty and variability in their operation. Given these uncertainties and variabilities, we transform their operations into an operation that is stable, adds value and has an increased performance. Continuous improvement is second nature for everybody, everyday.

From design and analysis to implementation and control . Together with you and your teams we use continuous improvement philosophy and methodologies (e.g. Lean, TOC, CCPM, QRM, etc.) to optimize processes and goods flows and implement the improvements that your business needs to better serve your customers and improve your returns.

By applying the latest smart techniques in process design we will guide you and your business to an innovative and future proof operation. Together we will make sure that your organization is adaptable to changing market demands and to keep it on course for further growth.


Reaching your business goals, your people and processes require a clear long term vision and strategy. We help co-develop your vision and strategy and support the deployment at both tactical and operational level.

We make sure the strategy and its associated initiatives and programs are successfully executed and monitored by you and your team. We do this with a clear eye on the necessary instruments, communication and infrastructure.

Competency building

Hand-in-hand, shoulder-by-shoulder we work with our clients to face their challenges, develop and implement improved processes and finally achieve sustainable and improved performance. No long training classes, but equipped with an actual operational issue, we will guide and coach on the work floor with the people. We strongly believe in short learning cycles and learning-by-doing. We will only leave you and your teams once you will have the competency to autonomously further improve your daily operations.

Our expertise

Getting you ready for the future
We have extensive expertise and profound knowledge in designing, improving and innovating operations and good flows using a variety of improvement principles and tools including the latest smart industry developments. Our approach shows enthusiasm, optimism and energy. We combine a hands-on and can-do mentality with a focus on the primary process and the work floor. We transform thinking into doing. We co-develop and do not overtake making sure our clients and their workforce are in control. With more than 15 years of (inter)national experience in manufacturing and fulfillment we are able to level with both executives and work floor employees.


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Morgens Industries

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