Morgens Industries

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing!

Are you striving for increased operational performance and higher output, building operational (and thus financial) resilience, lean and just-in-time operations, transforming your processes from bulk to one-piece, reshoring your operations, redesigning or expanding your fulfillment services or (re)shaping your operation enabling smart industry? Than you came to the right place.

Morgens Industries is a company with the ambition to completely relieve organizations in manufacturing and fulfillment logistics to create a true continuous improvement organization in which all activities add value, performance is at target, employees engage and autonomously solve day-to-day problems and experiment with opportunities for a better tomorrow for the organization and its customers.

Founder Roel Nieuwenhuizen

Working together with Morgens

Morgens Industries is founded by Roel Nieuwenhuizen. With an academic background and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Roel has international experience in the field of manufacturing operations, fulfillment logistics and continuous improvement. Throughout his professional career Roel worked with organizations such as Philips, Flowserve, EMO and IJssel Technology (the founder of the successful Scania Production System).

Roel founded Morgens Industries together with Morgens, an established organization since 2008 with an excellent track record in change management and continuous improvement in the field of healthcare, public government and education.



What we are good at.

How do we operate?

We strongly believe each and every organization and person is different. We do not offer plug and play solutions. We will get to know your organization, processes and people. We adapt to your specific situation and we develop the best solution for your needs, together. We will challenge you to see, think and act differently. Our main goal is to help you do it without us!

Enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic

We don’t write boring and long reports about what you should change in your organization. No way! Our way of working includes being on the floor, having fun and to enthuse all your employees. We work hand-in-hand, shoulder-by-shoulder and use interactive working methods for everybody to tell their . Because with Morgens Industries, change will be great!

Hands-on and with a can-do mentality

When you work with Morgens Industries, you work with Morgens Industries. You won’t find us hiding in the biggest corner office, we will be on the floor, where the primary process takes place. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and we won’t stop until we’ve reached the desired goals, one way or another.

Always aiming for autonomous continuous improvement

It may sound weird, but we are the happiest when you won’t need us anymore. We’ll look back at a successful collaboration when you yourself and the operations people can autonomously implement and uphold the changes and improvements. That is why we desire a strong commitment from you and your organization.

Strongly believing and
practitioning of improvement concepts

We truly believe in the philosophy, principles and concepts of the Toyota Production System. We will tailor our solutions towards your specific needs and situation. Though we will also challenge you and your organization to truly adapt the core principles for long-term success.

Levelling with executives as well as with floor employees

The only way to make the changes and improvements stick, is to develop a broad support and commitment in your organization. That is why we will work and communicate with people throughout the entire organization, from the executives to the floor employees.

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