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Morgens Industries supports organizations in industry and logistics to organize, improve and innovate their operations. Together with the employees we develop true autonomy in day-to-day problem solving. To become future proof and resilient in today’s and tomorrow’s changing market environments.

To be prepared for the future ourselves we are always searching for people with an equal ambition, drive and passion for continuous improvement. We are looking forward to get to know you!


Are you prepared for the future?

Morgens Industries is a young and energetic start-up founded in 2020 by Roel Nieuwenhuizen together with Morgens. We strongly believe that we can create future proof and resilient organizations. Each and every day we work both with management and work floor employees to organize, improve and innovate their operations and develop true autonomy in continuous improvement. We mostly work with manufacturing and logistics companies.

Among our customers and relations, we are well known for our high level of enthusiasm, optimism and infectious energy. We believe that change should be fun and inspiring. We use sparkling methods to transform thinking into doing. We implement change, together!

Not just change is fun. Working at Morgens Industries is fun! At our informal home base or anywhere else we get together, we laugh and create memories.

Create a fun workplace. Together!


Why Morgens Industries?

  • Contribute heavily to the development of a start-up consultancy and drive growth

  • High level of freedom, autonomy and entrepreneurship

  • Multiple inspiring assignments at different industrial and logistics companies

  • Strong focus on personal growth and development

  • Appropriate employment conditions and fringe benefits

  • Having fun!

Will you be our new colleague?

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Are you a freelancer?

Join our flexible freelance network!

Next to our own consultants, we work with a group of flexible freelancers. Self-employed consultants we like to connect to Morgens Industries through personal contact and network meetings.

Sometimes we have more assignments than we can fulfill on our own. Next to that, we might well require complementary expertise at our customers. That is where our network of freelance consultants comes in.

Together we can implement even more positive change at our clients!

So, we are always looking for enthusiastic and energetic entrepreneurs who believe in the Morgens Industries’ way of working and have the ability to deliver equally high quality.


  • Some years of relevant experience with project management in industry and/or logistics/fulfillment
  • Do you believe in the Morgens Industries way of working?

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