Is continuous improvement embedded in your organization?

Completing the Lean Quickscan will quickly provide you with the answer to that single most important question!

The Lean Quickscan is a simple tool to analyse the level of Lean deployment and continuous improvement in your organization, department or team.

True Lean Organization

Becoming and more importantly, remaining a true Lean organization is not that easy. Ultimately, it is a company wide philosophy involving each department and all employees. It consists of cultural, organizational and methodological aspects to organize and stabilize daily operations and create opportunity for structural and continuous improvement of your operation. All of this will lead to increased customer value.

Three Lean elements

The Lean quickscan emphasizes on the three important elements in a Lean organization:

  1. Leadership: to what extend is your organization in control and focuses it on achieving long term objectives?
  2. Day-to-day problem solving: are teams enthusiastic and trained to structurally and autonomously solve their daily issues and implement sustainable improvements?
  3. Improvement projects: is sponsorship for improvement projects well organized? Are the right projects initiated? Is a standard approach applied to analyse and improve projects?

Lean Quickscan Results

By answering 30 intuitive questions you will quickly receive a visual overview to identify strengths as well as improvement areas on your road towards a Lean organization. As a result, you can initiate proper interventions and take the next step in becoming a true Lean organization.

We can elaborate on the results together in a personal meeting. We are pleased to think along about improvement actions and suitable interventions.

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