Strategy development and deployment for Attero Recycling

Client: Attero

Attero is an environmental company operating nationally and internationally. Attero is active in recovering and reusing energy and raw materials from waste. Their 800 employees process 3.5 million tonnes of waste per year at 15 operational sites in the Netherlands. Attero is market leader in the Netherlands.

For guaranteed business continuity Attero had to reorganize in 2014. A separate, dedicated recycling organization resulted from the integration of multiple business units and the newly acquired organization VAR Recycling. Together with Morgens, Attero Recycling shaped their management team and business plans.

For a period of six months Morgens facilitated multiple workshops and management sessions. The results of Morgens’ support were:

  1. the business plans for Attero Recycling and its business units to support the budgets;
  2. the short and long term strategic plan for Attero Recycling as well as the deployment to the business units;
  3. a well-organized Recycling organization with an enthusiastic and collaborative management team.

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