Morgens Industries supports EMO with safety- and quality management

Client: EMO

EMO (Europees Massagoed Overslagbedrijf) is one of the largest dry bulk terminals in Europe. It is located in the port of Rotterdam and has a storage capacity of 7 million tons for products like iron ore, coaking coal and low ash coal. On a daily basis, EMO unloads 200,000 tons from bulk carriers.

To be the state of the art terminal, today and in the future, EMO constantly innovates and improves their operations. The EMO terminal is highly automated and supervised by their high-tech operations centre. The automation of the terminal is at a very advanced stage. To accompany the technical innovations, EMO set standards for ethical, safety, social, and environmental performance.

Morgens Industries supports EMO with safety- and quality management. Keeping safety awareness at the highest level possible and being a safe workplace, Morgens Industries drives the development and implementation of the long term strategic safety program. Morgens Industries furthermore facilitates the implementation of several quality improvement projects like management of change and root cause analysis at all levels of the organization.

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