Built-in quality in revision of train-wheelsets

Client: NedTrain

At the NS (Dutch Railways) the departments Service, Maintenance and Modernization are responsible for the maintenance of the trains. This used to be done by NedTrain. From technical maintenance to quick turnaround service and from cleaning to short and long term revision: these departments guarantee that all of the daily 1.2 million travellers with the NS arrive on-time and safe in a clean train at their destination; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Transitioning to a new factory, NedTrain has the ambition to safely revise train-wheelsets in a controlled and standardized process according to the needs of the customer (in terms of quantity, time and quality) at a competing price level.

This implies a new way of working at the new factory. NedTrain wants to move from batch production to (one-piece) flow at takt and incorporate Andon, 5S and performance monitoring in their processes. This change has major consequences for the processes and for the people.

We supported NedTrain on their journey to their new factory and focused on the implementation of the Andon principles and way of working in their new processes. As a result the people know what Andon implies, how it works and how to apply these principles.

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