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Morgens Industries’ expertise and knowledge is the development and implementation of true Lean and smart processes as well as deployment of continuous improvement organizations. We have extensive experience in Lean, JIT, Quality Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Six Sigma and Smart Industry. We can help you and your company to exceed in all of these areas and prepare for the future. We support organization’s implementing the basic principles of Lean or support you optimizing your entire supply chain. There is no challenge too big or small that we can’t help you organize, improve and innovate. We support you with change implementation, consulting and competency building.

Why work with us

We support you with change implementation, consulting and competency building. This is how we do it:


Many will think of Lean as a toolbox to eliminate waste or as a method for improvements projects. This is just a very small part of the story. Lean is a management philosophy; Lean is about creating an organization with a mindset and a culture of continuous improvement for each and everybody in your organization, anywhere, anytime. Everybody actually has two “jobs”; of course everybody has their daily operational work, but everybody has a daily job improving their operational work as well. Morgens Industries helps organizations creating this true Lean organization.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is synonym for the 4th industrial revolution and represents the creation of smart operations with autonomous cyber physical systems, internet of things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence at play. It will take your Lean operation to the next level. It will make your operation future proof and stay ahead of competition. We help you from (online) data-gathering, data-analysis and data-interpretation to redesigning and optimizing your operations using latest smart industry technologies.

Six Sigma

A stable process is the foundation for further improvement of the performance level of a process. Reduction of process variation is a key element in the creation of process stability, predictability and capability. This reduction in variation is the purpose of Six Sigma. Targeting specific problems and processes, we can help organizations using Six Sigma methods and tools to achieve the desired level of process stability.

Quality Management

Next to safety, delivering quality and guaranteed first-time-right is top priority for every organization. No quality means no customers. Quality management, i.e. quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement, therefore is a key element. We support organizations in manufacturing and (fulfillment) logistics setting up and implementing quality management systems.

Just in time

To quote from the global Toyota website – the founder of Just-In-Time – “Just-In-Time” means making and packing “only what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed.” JIT involves the constant development and optimization of the processes embedded within your production and logistics systems to maximize flow and minimize time. These processes are there for only one reason, to create value – meaning attuned to market and customer needs. We help whatever organization in manufacturing or warehousing, fulfillment and value added logistics creating a stable, standard process followed by a just-in-time operation, based upon takt, (one-piece) flow, pull and Heijunka.

Total Productive Maintenance

Any operation that flows and operates just-in-time is equal to a system with equipment that is available, performs well and delivers quality. With respect to and together with the people, Total Productive Maintenance emphasizes the optimization of this operational efficiency of equipment. Therefore, no system can go without this crucial element. Morgens Industries helps developing and implementing TPM programs together with your operations and maintenance personnel.

Supply Chain Integration

Supply chain integration is a process where the all the parties involved with the fulfilment of a product are integrated into a single system – considering both material and information flow. However, most organizations only consider their own, internal value stream and forget about their suppliers and customers who use or even process the product. So, massive opportunity for value improvement is missed because of that. We support this extension and integration of the value stream. We do this by setting up supplier development teams or enable ordering directly at the production line or pick lane.

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